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Deepwater Release
Kozlovičeva Ulica 21
Koper , Obala , 6000 Slovenia
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Summary about Downrigger

My name is Alfred Zajic; I reside in the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea (Gulf of Trieste) My main interests in life are sports fishing and nonprofessional sea research. I am researching the life on sinking objects. Research equipment on my boat includes three underwater video cameras and an underwater window for shallow water panoramic views. For the last ten years, I have been working on the development of the new downrigger clip for extra deep water trolling. In 2000, this exciting and creative period was over. New downrigger clip was ready. In 2001, I founded the ROTEXLIGHT Company as a sole trader. We are actively involved in the development, production, and distribution of the new downrigger clip that trades under the name DEEPWATER RELEASE. (D.R. for short). The main characteristic of D.R. is that the fishing line losses immediately as fish catches. No matter how small a fish is. That's why you can immediately feel a fish and estimate it, so you can keep it or release it while it's still alive. I am an angler more than 30 years. Life in the sea is quite familiar to me. Every angler should be aware of an imperative fact. Angling is a game of two, for an angler its game and fun, for the fish its a struggle for life or death. DEEPWATER RELEASE is a little contribution for a more human touch of this game.


Recommendable thickness of fishing line is from 0,5 - 1,00 mm (ideal is 0,70).
The heaviest weight is 15 kg.  The maximum straining force is 30 kg.
D.R. is made of top-quality materials (Polyacetal 9021, Hostaform and   Stainless Steel)
D.R. configuration (1 downrigger + 1 weight + 1 release clip + 1 lure)